It is said that the knowledge is power, but what makes it more compelling is how one deals with it. Career counseling is the process of guiding and helping students in making their career plans by understanding their requirements and suggesting career options based on their interests and strength.

Here at Eklavya we strongly believe that every students has  a unique quality, and it is essential to embrace that quality and take it in right direction. Career counseling has a significant impact on shaping the future of students.

Nowdays, with universities offering numerous courses, it is confusing for the student to decide the right career path. So career counseling has become even more required factor for students to choose the right career path based on their own interest and strength rather then by observing their families and friends’ careers. Here at Eklavya we observe students through their tenure at Eklavya, we know their strengths and weaknesses and according to those factors we provide career counseling to our students which can push them into the right direction and make their future brighter.

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