The mission of Alumni Association at EKLAVYA PUBLIC SCHOOL is to maintain a lifelong relationship with alumni through opportunities and benefits that promote interaction and engagement with Wits and facilitates their contribution to the advancement and success of the school.

  • The Eklavya public school’s Alumni Association helps in bringing together the alumni community on a common platform to build another channel of personal and professional support to members through ‘self-help’ within the community.
  • The Association aims to keep the Alumni connected to the school via events, guest lectures, reunions and networking opportunities.
  • It also keeps the Alumni updated and informed of the School’s news, current events and alumni reunions, and helps them to participate in the proceedings of the Alumni Association.
  • It promotes and fosters mutually beneficial interaction among the Alumni as well as between Alumni and the present students of EKLAVYA  PUBLIC SCHOOL
  • It encourages the Alumni to take an active and abiding interest in the work and progress of the school so as to contribute towards the enhancement of the social utility of their Alma Mater.


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