Eklavya has always prepared students for their upcoming standards from the very beginning and made them confident in the subjects of their choice. So from the year 2021-22 Eklavya has started foundation classes for their students without any additional fees. A foundation course is a programme that will prepare the student for an upcoming higher standards as well as undergraduate degree at university. We have specifically designed the foundation course for students who are willing to adopt science stream or commerce stream.

Studying a foundation course will help student attain the correct level of qualifications and skills to pursue a degree at university – it will also help students who require additional English language support. A foundation syllabus which is made up of academic modules and specific modules related to student’s chosen subject.

Education standards are different in primary, secondary, higher secondary and university courses, from teaching methods to qualifications. Foundation courses at Eklavya are designed to get all students up to the required standard for upcoming higher standards as well as university. This includes building student’s knowledge on the subject the student wants to study through the subject-specific modules. While the core modules will allow student to gain an understanding of the wider context. Student will be taught in a similar environment to what you will experience at higher standards or university to help them adjust to university-style learning.

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