With an aim to nurture a culture of sports in the state, Khel Mahakumbh was executed in 2010 by Gujarat Government backed by Government of India – Sports Ministry. It started with the participation of 13 lakh sportspersons and currently hosts more than 55 lakh participants. Khel Mahakumbh runs for three month and is organised every year in the state. Apart from athletics and famous sports, games in various genres such as Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Table Tennis, Swimming, Boxing, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Malkhan and many more are organised. Participants go through school to state level competitions and awarded cash prizes and benefits of various schemes. A special Khel

Khel Mahakumbh promotes spirit of sportsmanship among youth and helps in developing a more focussed and youthful society. Before the year 2002, there were only 3 sports complexes in Gujarat, which has reached 24 today. There are 44 sports schools functioning in the state today. Khel Mahakumbh serves as a proper base for youths of Gujarat to perform in national and international sports. Players from the state are making their mark in sports like Asian-Olympic-Commonwealth.

Eklavya Public School have trained their students for 12 consecutive years and performed exceptionally well in Khel Mahakumbh everytime. We have specially hired sports faculties which are very good in their sports domain to train the youth of Eklavya and make their participation count.

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