Sometimes parents are having some doubts regarding how their children are studying, how things going on and how the day to day management and studies going on. To avoid any such doubt, we do have an entire department which is responsible for the satisfaction of the students as well as their parents. We have hired a special team of experts to listen to parents problems and solve them with utmost urgency. No stones are untouched for the efforts to satisfy parents with best of the solutions is the promise of Eklavya.

Eklavya Public School has come up with the solutions for all the queries for the parents or students. The department is called Parent Relationship Mamangement (PRM). One touch point / PRM is being handled by our chief administrator Mr. Digvijaysinh Vaghela himself. He personally takes care of all the queries of parents as well as students and solve those with the best of efforts. Be it an academic problem related query, transportation related query, management related query or anything else. Our promise to all the students and to the parents that we will solve every issues of your while you are a part of Eklavya family.

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