At Eklavya strongly believe that the young minds are the most powerful one and if trained properly, can make a huge difference in the future of the nation. We at Eklavya takes very much care for the young kids of Pre-primary department to make them comfortable in schooling environment as well as teach them with love, care and affection.

Eklavya Public School pre-primary staff will help the children to eat their breakfast like mother

Small care like maintaining cleanliness of nose is carried out by staff. Teachers will make sure about hand wash after and before having breakfast. Teachers will make sure that children hands and body should be clean after games.

We have highly qualified, experienced and trained staff to educate and supervise the toddlers in large and small groups. They take motherly care of the children and make them perfectly comfortable in a homely environment. Periodic interaction with parents helps to keep them informed about the child’s progress.

For the academics in Pre-primary department, we do have Lead School. Lead school is the most effective in terms of syllabus and execution methodology. We do provide all the pre-primary staff proper training about how to handle small kids and how to make them understand the basics of mathematics, English and environmental science.

We can proudly say that We are the best pre-primary school in entire Junagadh region.

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