International Math Olympiad

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The International Math Olympiad exam aims at identifying and promoting mathematical abilities in the school-going students. It not only improves the logical thinking but also give a career path to young ones. To increase the thinking capacity, problem solving skills and self- confidence, our Eklavyans participated in the IMO Exam conducted by SOF and made all of us proud.
The medalists are as follow:
Medal of Distinction: Gondha Jaival from class 3
Gondha Damiya from class 7
Gold Medalists: Metar Shifa from class 3
Upadhyay Maahir from class 4
Kaneriya Hetvi from class 5
Sureja Rushil from class 6
Adatiya Deep from class 7
Silver Medalists: Bhatt Heli from class 3
Kakkad Devansh from class 4
Bhetariya Rudra from class 5
Kasundra Mantra from class 6
Patel Ayushi from class 7
Bronze Medalists: Bhalani Jaimin from class 3
Kansagara Tanmay from class 4
Vamja Vishwa from class 5
Zalavadiya Man from class 6
Parsania Vivaan from class 7

Kudos to the Eklavyans!

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