students successfully cleared the NSO exam

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Our students successfully cleared the NSO exam which emphasizes on application oriented learning which is very useful in a longer run and provides them a big platform to showcase their talent. Our student Gondha Damiya got medal of Distinction and made all of us proud. The medalists are as follow:
Gold medalist:
Gondha Jaival from grade 3
Kansagra Tanmay from grade 4
Kaneriya Hetvi from grade 5
Kasundra Mantra from grade 6
Parsania Vivaan from grade 7

Silver medalists:
Vasoya Harshit from grade 3
Sapovadia Sanvi from grade 4
Sureja Rushil from grade 6
Kalaria Mukund from grade 7

Bronze medalist:
Bhatt Heli from grade 3
Butani Diva from grade 4
Ardeshana Karisha from grade 6
Dalsania Digja from grade 7

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